Keep Your Firewood Pile Well-Stocked

We have local firewood for sale year-round in Liberty, NY

Do you rely on a steady supply of firewood to fuel stoves, grills and other heating elements? When winter temperatures can drop to dangerous lows in the Liberty, NY area, never get caught without fuel on hand. Russ's Landscape is your local source for seasoned hardwood. Our firewood for sale comes directly from our land clearing and excavation work so that nothing goes to waste.

Call today to ask about our firewood for sale in the Liberty, NY area.

Benefits of burning seasoned wood

Benefits of burning seasoned wood

Did you know that freshly chopped wood doesn't burn as well because it retains so much water? Our seasoned hardwood has been thoroughly dried to remove as much moisture as possible. Compared to green wood, seasoned firewood will:

  • Light faster and easier
  • Burn at a higher temperature
  • Produce less smoke and emissions

Don't waste your time and energy splitting your own wood. Reach out to us for local firewood sales.