Leave the Dirty Work to Us

We provide foundation waterproofing and general excavation services in Liberty, NY

Proper drainage is absolutely essential for any new construction project. Without foundation waterproofing and land grading, even the sturdiest structure is going to be dealing with serious shifting and settling. Rely on the pros at Russ's Landscape to break ground on your new residential or commercial construction project.

Our family-owned business has provided quality excavation work since 2004 in the Liberty, NY area. Call today to discuss our foundation waterproofing services.

Shape the land to suit your needs

Shape the land to suit your needs

In addition to our waterproofing and drainage services, we can also complete land grading and clearing work for properties of any size. Hire us to:

  • Remove trees brush and stumps
  • Control runoff and erosion
  • Create a stable base for a concrete pad or foundation

We can even install retaining walls and lay down fresh seed to prep your site once construction begins. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.